Adam & Eve

The Project

What’s In Your Fun-Drawer?


Founded in 1970, Adam & Eve was a cornerstone of the sexual revolution, but had lost touch with current consumer sensibilities. Dated imagery and messaging were still effective, but growth had plateaued.

The Challenge

Give the brand insight into today’s consumer and the hurdles that keep them from sexual exploration.

We Found What The Other Guys Missed.

  • Sex toys have become a commodity purchase. Retailers aren’t doing anything to distinguish themselves from their competitors.
  • Customers are purchasing the items with the perceived best value (price) with no regard to brand (no past purchasers could recall the company where they made their last purchase).
  • Online shopping has barriers, it forces you to use your imagination. But how can you imagine something you’ve never tried before?
  • Research revealed that 14% of Americans are open to the idea of a sex toy purchase but don’t know where to start. Capturing this group would result in a 50% increase for our client.
  • Purchasing a sex toy (for a first-timer) is a scary proposition, often filled with fear and shame.
  • Adam & Eve is seen as an ”old brand” appealing to connoisseurs of late night TV.
  • Due to brand perceptions, the majority of sex toy purchasers (25-40 year olds) chose to purchase elsewhere, leaving Adam & Eve with an aging (50-70 year old) audience.


  • For first-timers: Create an experience that so enjoyable that it alleviates fears.
  • For subsequent purchasers: Provide opportunities to explore other options based on previous purchases.
  • Develop more story telling around the brand to engage customers and distinguish Adam & Eve from the competition.
  • Create a new e-commerce website to showcase the narrative and attract a younger demographic group.


Currently the brand is evaluating next steps for a market test of a new concept based on findings to benchmark viability of the new message platform.