Client: Bigfoot ATM
Year: 2017

The Next Big
Step Forward
In The ATM Services
Brand Strategy | Business Strategy | Identity Design |  Creative Campaign | Website | Direct Mail | Sales Tools | Promotions

V eteran ATM Service provider, Dusty Field, wanted to disrupt to the category with a bold new concept that would change existing industry paradigms for revenue to service location groups and costs to financial institutions while increasing efficiency and profitability for all involved – in the case of the service location groups by as much as 40% over existing models. Early concept testing among target audiences proved there was great interest from both financial institutions and service location groups – the challenge was capturing the attention of each audience in a category largely ruled by long-standing relationships, multi-year contracts and fearful middle management decision-makers. 

Finding Opportunity Among ATM Service Location Groups

We started by researching the category to gain a better understanding of our target’s POV on how business was conducted and to identify areas where the new brand could shine against the competition. We didn’t have to look far. What we found was a category largely led by two major players that were hopelessly trapped in the past and a sea of “Me-Too” competitors, each using such similar names, it was difficult to tell one from the next. Websites are still Internet 1.0 with little-to-no brand strategy or brand presence among industry players and transactions are still largely conducted by fax. In short, we found ample opportunity to engage and endear an audience that was largely taken for granted with limited options.

A Monster Opportunity
The challenge wasn’t in creating a new ATM Services brand, but in reinventing the ATM Services brand. We began with the premise that ATM location groups, namely C-Store owners, hotel operaters, malls, etc. are important customers to have and deserve a brand’s best efforts at every level. As a customer-centric company, we needed to create a unique entity within the category that provided a meaningful financial advantage worthy of changing providers, provided a reliably better service model and clearly stood out from the competition.

Our solution began with the idea of taking an ‘evolutionary step forward’ in branding and identity – and Bigfoot was the perfect starting point. As our mascot, Bigfoot quickly provided playful messaging opportunities – a big step forward, filling competitors shoes, etc. We created a new version of the character and avoided typical stereotype depictions. Our Bigfoot was colorful, intelligent and well-dressed. A new version of an old concept ready to challenge the status quo.

We wanted not just to engage with potential customers, but to educate them. We developed a comprehensive direct mail and digital campaign aimed at turning would-be customers into Bigfootologists – masters at identifying a good deal when they see it and easily spotting the less equitable deals provided by the existing category leaders. Using playful executions like a Field Guide, Slide Master, Bigfoot slippers and more, we earned customer interest, established positive perceptions and created an initial relationship before we ever contacted them – increasing the likelihood of success for the Bigfoot sales team.

We created a website experience that was educational, visually engaging and easy to use on any platform. Visitors are quickly guided through a carefully structured message platform showcasing the depth of services provided and givin the ability to calculate specifically how much more money they could be making each month with Bigfoot’s TurnKeyPLUS program.

The Bigfoot ATM brand is just beginning its launch to dominate the ATM Services category. Check back for results on Y1 in the near future.



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