Bigfoot ATM

The Project

A Monster Step Forward for the ATM Services Category.

Veteran ATM Service provider, Dusty Field, wanted to disrupt to the category with a bold new concept that would change existing industry paradigms for revenue to service location groups and costs to financial institutions while increasing efficiency and profitability for all involved – in the case of the service location groups by as much as 40% over existing models.

Early concept testing among target audiences proved there was great interest from both financial institutions and service location groups – the challenge was capturing the attention of each audience in a category largely ruled by long-standing relationships, multi-year contracts and fearful middle management decision-makers.

Disrupt the category with a bold new brand concept unlike any other in the category.


An Evolutionary Step Forward.

For a leap this big, Bigfoot seemed to be the perfect starting point. As our mascot, Bigfoot quickly provided playful messaging opportunities – a big step forward, filling competitors shoes, etc. We created a new version of the character and avoided typical stereotype depictions. Our Bigfoot was colorful, intelligent and well-dressed. A new version of an old concept ready to challenge the status quo.

Playful executions like a Field Guide, Slide Master, Bigfoot slippers and more, we layed the groundwork for a completely unique experience within the category.