The Project

Making Sleep Apnea Suck A Whole Lot Less.

More than 50% of sleep apnea patients don’t make it through the first year of therapy. Why? Because sleep apnea solutions suck.

Strap marks, claustrophobia and driving your partner out of the bedroom are just a few common issues Bleep founder Stuart Heatherington sought to solve with the DreamPort Sleep Solution (that’s him in the cool night cap).

Our Assignment: Disrupt the $28B sleep market with a 1-ounce powerhouse CPAP machine (designed on a napkin at 3am).


We Give A Bleep About Sleep.™

To connect with consumers, we knew we had to create an irreverent campaign that mirrored the anger and frustration felt by sleep apnea patients across the globe. We positioned Bleep as their advocate in finding a solution that actually works.

In other words, we had to show them that the DreamPort is the best *bleeping* sleep apnea solution on the planet.

The Dream Team

While funding is still being raised for the brand, we continue to engage influencers, patients, providers and durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers to get demand rolling.


Consumer campaign rollout is scheduled for Q4 of 2020, and we can’t *bleeping* wait to see what’s next.