Blue Cross NC

The Project

Blue Cross NC wanted to spice up their new business presentations – creating a smarter, better and faster way to bring the Why Blue story to life.

Blue Cross NC found itself in the bad habit of starting their business development meetings with bullet-point laden PowerPoint slides that left the room feeling, well, bullet-point laden. Worse still, they realized they weren’t so much talking with these companies as taking at them – which was overwhelming to both groups.

As part of their commitment to create a Smarter, Better Health Care experience Blue wanted to simplify their story and give a much-needed facelift to their presentations.


Step 1. A Quick Visit to the Video Department.

Our first project was to create a video that would precede/accompany business development efforts – something to help quickly bring the Why Blue story to life in a way that simply and easily expressed the depth of their services. Using animation, we were able to quickly weave a story together that talked to all aspects of their business – weaving in the experience from both customer and member points-of-view.

Step 2. A new presentation style for Blue’s most recent innovation: SmartShopper.

Health care has become two things people inherently dislike: costly and confusing. The result is millions of dollars misspent each year when patients randomly select specialist providers who aren’t the best match for their needs.

Enter SmartShopper. A simple and innovative app that instantly recommends the top three providers in your area for your specific need – then goes a step further by financially incentivizing you for the choice you make. This simple solution saved network clients and members millions by preventing issues before they happened.

Such a simple and insightful solution needed an equally simple and insightful presentation to would-be clients. We helped Blue reduce presentation to just 5-minutes by focusing on story instead of features and benefits. 

Step 3. Storytelling, Not Presenting.

Our final initiative was working directly with Blue Cross NC’s sales team to get them off the bullets and back onto their story. This approach both shortened presentation times and allowed customers to take a more active role in the conversation – a win-win for all involved. The result was one of the fastest adoptions of a new solution in the company’s history.