Client focus:  B2C & B2B
Client relationship: AOR
Client budget: > $1M


Project elements:
• research
• strategy
• identity
• print/broadcast/digital
• website
• media planning/placement
• pr/influencer

The ask

Nearly 95% of women with early-stage, HR+ breast cancer don’t benefit from their treatment. Trouble is, no one was able to definitively say who would or wouldn’t. Enter Breast Cancer Index’s first-ever genomic biomarker test. Our assignment: Make BCI the Gold Standard for testing, and help the company achieve a 7x valuation goal of $250M in just 2.5 years.



Turns out, only doctors like data. For patients, information overload was causing anxiety and emotional shutdown – preventing informed decisions around their care. So we aligned Sales & Marketing efforts around a single truth: You can’t take the fear out of cancer, but you can remove the uncertainty around treatment decisions. Our tagline,  Not Another Minute®, quickly conveyed our value proposition to KOLs, doctors, and patients.



The campaign delivered a 36% sales increase in the first year (despite the pandemic). Additionally, website traffic increased 350%+ in each of our test markets, and BCI successfully sold to one of the largest healthcare companies in North America for $230M just 18-months later – a full year ahead of schedule.