Client: Chatham Park – Preston Development Co.

Driving Interest
& Engagement For
North Carolina’s
Largest Master
Planned Community
Research | Brand Strategy | Website Development

A t more than 7,000 acres, Chatham Park is poised to become the single largest master planned community in North Carolina and home to a new wave of tech and healthcare advancement as the new hub of innovation and development in the Triangle. A project this big had no trouble catching headlines, but project masterminds at Preston Development Company needed a platform to educate the public, engage businesses from outside the community and engage local community members on ways to get involved.
Sharing the Vision
Preston Development approached wmHarper to help them develop a new online experience to help share the excitement of their vision and to give interested residents and businesses a way to connect with the project. Key to the messaging platform was to share the values of the project, not just the scope.
A Foundation for Growth
As the project is still in initial development, the new website uses artist renderings and illustrations to help bring initial efforts to life. The website includes detailed maps and information about planning for the first two phases of development as well as a growing list of businesses, retail groups and civic organizations that have – or are – becoming a part of Chatham Park.
As Chatham Park continues to grow and needs for connectivity change, Chatham Park will be able to easily adapt the online experience thanks to the full-featured content-management system platform upon which it was built.
The new website is an exciting evolution for the brand and the first step in an ongoing communication platform with the residents and businesses that will make up the Chatham Park community.



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