Client focus:  B2C & B2B
Client relationship: AOR
Client budget: > $1M


Project elements:
• research
• strategy
• sales materials
• print/broadcast/digital
• website
• media planning/placement
• pr

The ask

At just over 7,200 acres Chatham Park is the largest mixed-use development project ever attempted in North America. The land was purchased, the plans were drawn, a few initial businesses had bravely opened their doors. Our mission: let the world know what Preston Development was up to – and start driving demand for growth. Step 1. – sell off the first 30+ cottages of the development.



Chatham Park is arguably the most sophisticated project of its kind ever created – leading mixed use innovations in water reclamation, area wifi access, art & nature infusion to name a few. But features alone weren’t going to get it done. Chatham Park represents a Live. Work. Play. concept that brings the fragmented parts of our life into one cohesive whole, ensuring people truly get the most of every day and every aspect of their community. We put our focus there.



As the broader campaign continues to gain momentum in and around the Triangle, the cottages sold out in record time (despite the pandemic) and left a lineup of would-be purchasers on a growing waiting list.


Are you ready to have
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Before your picture graces the cover of every business magazine and you eat caviar for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we need to have “The Talk.” Because we can’t achieve success until we’ve talked about the problem. So tell us a little about yourself, and let’s get the ball rolling.