Chronic Taco

The Project

We didn’t choose the Taco Life®.
The Taco Life chose us.

Amazing tacos and cold beer are basically our yin and yang. And anyone who has visited Chronic Tacos on the west coast will tell you their tacos are the real deal, bar none. So when we found out Chronic Tacos was making the journey from California to North Carolina, we were first in line to help them spread their guac-laden gospel.

Our Assignment: Help the North Carolina Chronic Taco franchise group show North Carolinians the wonders of genuine Southern California tacos. 


Tacos should be ordered by name, not number.

We’re not sure how it happened, but some guys with a big bell and a chihuahua convinced the masses that tacos are made with guac guns and ordered via combo number. Call us crazy, but we believe tacos deserve more respect. WAY more respect.
Chronic Tacos is 100% authentic, made by people who would rather die than use crappy ingredients. So our messaging shook people out of their drive-thru taco mentality and invited them to discover what the Taco Life is all about.