Client focus:  B2C
Client relationship: AOR
Client budget: > $500k


Project elements:
• research
• strategy
• identity
• print/ooh/digital/video
• fulfillment packages
• website
• media planning/placement
• pr/influencer
• package design

The ask

French luggage manufacturer, Delsey, was having trouble growing its North American base against category heavyweights Samsonite, TravelPro, and TUMI. Worse, on top of a 7-year buy-cycle largely governed by repeat purchases, consumers were having a hard time caring about travel at all in the wake of TSA lines, bag charges, etc. Our mission: grow the business and establish Delsey as a top player in the space.



Research showed that most consumers felt travel had ‘become a drag’. Enter Delsey’s new lightweight line, Helium. We turned Delsey’s 22% lighter-weight product experiment into a launchpad for meaningful differentiation within the category. Doubling down on Making Travel Light again, our campaign reminded people that travel could be fun, when you take the Lug out of Luggage. 



The campaign returned a whopping 86% sales increase Y1, an additional 72% Y2, and achieved a 10-year 14% YOY sales increase average. In the first 6-years, we achieved an astonishing 837% sales increase for the brand, and achieved unaided awareness on par with TUMI within just 18-months. Delsey successfully established itself as the lightweight luggage leader for North America – a position it continues to hold today.


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