Client focus:  B2C & B2B
Client relationship: Project
Client budget: > $250k


Project elements:
• research
• strategy
• identity
• digital/social
• website
• media planning/placement

The ask

Using Blockchain technology, the leadership team at (previously named) Kronoverse had created a meaningful point-of-difference in the online, tournament gaming world – a platform free from cheating. Our mission: Create a brand and branding campaign that both educated and excited gamers & developers to become early adopters of the platform.



Research confirmed that Gamers thrive on intensity. Aaannnndddd, they may not be the most patient bunch. This new platform brought together three things this target valued most: head-to-head tournament play + cash prizes + instant gratification, all in an environment they could trust. We changed the company name to FYX®, and embraced gamer’s ongoing need for constant stimulation as our key value proposition.



The campaign returned a steady stream of would-be beta-testers for the platform and a long line of ready participants for product launch. Additionally, the brand has successfully been recognized by several major industry outlets. Additional results developing.


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