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G oPro® accessory innovators, GoScope®, makes the very best extreme outdoor adventure image-capturing equipment available. More than just a manufacturer of amazing gear, GoScope inspires people to get up and get involved – then helps them capture every amazing moment.
Go Scope it Out
In 2016, GoScope approached wmHarper with a request to help them reinvent their website. They wanted to put more emphasis on their amazing ambassadors and the inspiring imagery their products helped them capture. Additionally, they wanted to create gateway packages to help get more people get involved more easily.
While GoScope had achieved some amazing recognition for their innovative gear, they were still a fairly young company and still working with their v.1 website. Our goal was to elevate the look, feel and experience of the site to position them properly in the category. We did away with the heavy text and dark colors of the original design and gave them an open, airy feel to match the outdoors. We simplified content hierarchy and put greater emphasis on the visuals captured by their customers, and we increased consumers’ ability to get involved via GoScope’s social media channels.



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