Client focus:  B2C & B2B
Client relationship: Project
Client budget: < $100k


Project elements:
• research
• strategy
• identity
• packaging
• in-store promotional materials
• website
• digital/social

The ask

What would a group of successful financial experts want to launch as their first entrepreneurial venture? The very thing that drove them to their success, of course: coffee. The leadership team saw an opportunity to steal shelf space in the conservative, firearms-positive space against heavyweights like Black Rifle®. Our mission: Create a campaign that represented the values of this audience, without falling into the Sea of Sameness that drowns the category – and drive enough demand to keep the leadership at Black Rifle up at night. 



Our leadership team had a natural and unique differentiator: they were all first-generation immigrants. What made their personal success possible was the very thing they hoped to help support through their business efforts – namely, successfully pursuing the American Dream. We turned 180° from the all-black-packaging and borrowed weapons-interest that dominated the category and focused instead on bright colors and a story or personal achievement – fueled by, what else? Coffee.



The campaign immediately opened distribution and partnership doors both in North America and abroad. Demand continues to rise and Y1 statistics continue to develop and production spools up in 2021.