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You just engaged a new agency to help define your brand strategy at the beginning of the quarter.You spent the last few months reviewing all of your current marketing efforts and conducting research to understand your target audience.  You finally have a unique brand strategy that is ready to conquer the world. So, what now?

So many times, I see clients go through the process to set realistics goals but then you never really can achieve them. You were patient and allowed for the due diligence during the 3 month strategy process. You sat anxiously awaiting your new brand story. Well, you got it and you don’t want to throw it all away by letting your attention get pulled in so many directions.

Colleagues are stopping by your desk (or constantly pinging you on Slack) with questions. Your director of business development is asking for newly branded sales materials. Your inbox is full of sales pitches for the latest technology stacks to optimize your business. Your head is swirling as you review the growing checklist of projects to make this brand successful.

How do you avoid panicking and the accompanying, all too common shiny object syndrome that plagues even the most well-intentioned brands?

You set up time with your agency account lead and strategic right hand to get sh*t done. For account managers, the wizardry of problem solving brand angst gets us excited. Together, we will map out a plan that starts with your marketing universe. This will consolidate all of the current and future projects that are in your head or written on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror into one place. We evaluate each project to ensure it maps back to your overarching goals and then we create a prioritized list of “to-dos” defining accountability with a “who, what and by when” approach. 

You are no longer an n = 1. Your agency partner should be an extension of your team, supporting your efforts from planning through execution by asking you 3 simple questions: 

1) Is this initiative in alignment with your brand strategy? 

2) Which goal does it map back to? 

3) Do you have the capacity to complete it right now?  

With 14 years of agency experience, I love a good challenge. Let us help you raise your brand right.