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WMHarper to Help Bellman and Symfon Increase Presence in North America through Brand Platform Development

August 5, 2021 — Raleigh, NC: Today, wmHarper (WMH), a full-service strategic branding and marketing agency, announces it has been tapped to help develop unique brand positioning for Bellman and Symfon North America, a company that offers a range of smart home products for those who are hearing-impaired.

“We’re so excited to partner with wmHarper to help boost our presence in North America.” says Peter Jungvid, founder of Bellman & Symfon. “Our company has had success in Asian and European markets, and we can’t wait to bring our smart home products here to the US, especially considering the large population of Americans who are hearing impaired.” He continued,“We chose wmHarper because of their reputation for building brands that resonate with audiences and stand out in their respective categories.” Bellman has spent over 30 years making a difference for the deaf and hearing-impaired by empowering them to stay safe, independent and socially active through a portfolio of digital listening systems, custom-made earplugs and a world-renowned alerting system. While their global headquarters are in Gothenburg Sweden, they are also represented by regional offices and a qualified partner network in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.

“Not only does Bellman offer world-class products that boost people’s quality of life around the world,” says Bill Harper, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, WMH, “But they’re also in a category that presents huge strategic and
creative opportunities. He added, “We’re excited to help them strike the right chord with their North American audience, so they can continue to improve the lives of their customers.” wmHarper will start immediately with consumer research to inform brand strategy by identifying Bellman’s greatest areas of opportunity, then
articulate the strategy through fearless creative executions.

WMH is a strategically-led, creatively driven transformation agency. The agency focuses on helping brands transition from their awkward stage back to center stage—giving leadership teams the insights, strategy and fearless creative they need to realign their internal teams and business strategies, generate demand among their customers, and ultimately set them on a path to reaching their full potential.

Bellman & Symfon is a leading innovator of products that help people who are deaf or hard of hearing. With over thirty years of experience, they are driven to make a difference through world-renowned products that empower people to stay safe, independent and socially active. The company’s founder is Peter Jungvid, and it is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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