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wmHarper to Help Seventh Sense Biosystem Quickly Ramp Up Consumer Demand and Revenue Through Brand Strategy, Messaging and Campaign Development

May 6, 2021 – Raleigh, NC – Today, wmHarper (WMH), a full-service strategic branding and marketing agency, announces it has been named Agency of Record (AOR) for Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc. Seventh Sense is an emerging brand providing remote whole blood collection products to the US, UK and EU. 

Seventh Sense develops technologies to serve the needs of everyone in the blood collection ecosystem. Since 70% of all healthcare decisions are driven by diagnostic testing, Seventh Sense provides patients with easy access to diagnostics through simple, remote blood collection products.

“The need for new technological developments in remote collection related to healthcare diagnostics is growing rapidly, and we need an agency that can help us appropriately represent our value to our consumer audience,” stated John McDonough, CEO, Seventh Sense. “After witnessing their transformation of the Breast Cancer Index brand, successfully helping them reach Standard of Care status, we’re confident WMH will help us reach that same level of success.”

Seventh Sense selected WMH to immediately develop brand strategy and messaging that positively represents the brand in its category—as well as campaign development for an upcoming UK initiative.

“We love working with emerging brands like Seventh Sense because they allow us to turn founder passions into the kind of brand strategies and creative campaigns that truly accelerate business growth,” stated Bill Harper, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, WMH. “We cannot wait to roll up our shirt sleeves and help Seventh Sense reach their full potential.”


WMH is a strategically-led, creatively driven transformation agency. The agency focuses on brands in need of transformation – helping them transition from their awkward stages back to center stage – giving leadership teams the insights, strategy, and fearless creative they need to realign their internal teams and business strategies, generate demand among their customers, and ultimately set them on a path to reaching their full potential. 


Seventh Sense is an innovative medical device company advancing a disruptive, cutting-edge approach to the way we draw blood. The company’s blood collection devices, TAP® and TAP®  II, make the process simple, convenient, and more comfortable. In contrast to phlebotomy, the current standard of care for blood collection, which requires medical professionals, large needles, and in-person appointments to collect blood, the TAP platform can be used in place of traditional venipuncture or fingerstick blood collection for many applications in both professional and at-home settings.

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