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A stay at home dad who wanted to do more with his time, Jay wanted to connect with other adults, but also wanted to do something that would benefit his community. He found an opportunity in the world of running.
Because Normal Wasn’t Good Enough
Through running, Jay found an amazing community of people who all had similar gripes about traditional running groups. Many of these races supported the same handful of charitable organizations repeatedly and most of them paid little attention to the needs of the runners. Additionally, most races primarily focused on the fastest runners and were intimidating to the average person.
Meeting with local municipalities and non-profits from the area, Jay created the Not So Normal Run – an event that focused on getting runners at every level involved and donating the money from the event to support smaller, local groups rather than the big national organizations. Jay’s focus on course selection aimed to meet runners’ needs for adequate parking, restrooms and the like.
In 2016, Jay tapped wmHarper to create a new brand strategy, identity and website for the Not So Normal Run. Our challenge was to create something playful but professional – that would stand apart from the larger, traditional runs in the community. Our identity and website solution were a nod to his efforts of releasing everyone’s inner super-runner.



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