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F ragmented marketing and a lack of national brand focus had left the Maryland/Delaware Precision Tune Auto Care Co-op with declining sales and a serious identity problem. Consumers had forgotten Precision Tune provided full-service auto maintenance and saw the brand as a low-cost Jiffy Lube competitor. Across the nation, ticket average was down more than 50% and dropping.
Getting Under the Hood
Our challenge was to get MD & DE residents with automotive repair needs to see Precision Tune Auto Care as their Dealership alternative – with the same ASC Certified technicians and resources – and to drive trial use and ticket average by replacing $14.99 oil changes with real auto maintenance like brake jobs, engine work and transmission service. And do it all on a shoestring budget funded only by the local shop owners.

Research showed people’s distrust/dislike of dealerships provided a big opportunity. It also showed that their target audience had changed to skew female (65%+), technical jargon like “Certified Technician” was working against them and creature comforts were necessary if they wanted to change women’s perceptions.
If We’re Not Your Mechanic, We Should Be.
Our campaign, ‘If We’re Not Your Mechanic, We Should Be’ increased both ticket average car count while making the marketing message funny, smart and approachable. While the guys in the bays repainted their shops and tried to figure out where to put potpourri, our humor based campaign got ladies’ attention without alienating the men. New monthly promotions drove new trial usage and re-educated consumers.
The campaign was a raging success. The MD/DE Co-op held the highest ticket average in the country for nearly four years. Over the course of the campaign regional awareness increased 17%, new trial jumped 21% and sales leapt an incredible 31%.




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