Client focus:  B2C & B2B
Client relationship: AOR
Client budget: > $500k


Project elements:
• research
• strategy
• print/broadcast/digital/video/ooh
• fulfillment packages
• website
• media planning/placement
• pr
• in-office signage


“Naming and defining the essence of who you are feels impossible. I knew wmHarper had nailed it when competitors started calling wanting the name of our agency.” – Heather Fortner, CEO

The ask

Atlanta-based SignatureFD has known for a while that true wealth is much greater than just money. In fact, research confirmed that many investors hit a kind of depressive state once their financial goals were achieved, asking themselves, “So, what’s next?” Our Assignment: Disrupt the category and increase client acquisition by challenging status quo ways of thinking about wealth.



We aligned the leadership team and campaign around the concept of helping people find their Net Worthwhile™ — the Why behind their wealth goals — giving them the ability to meaningfully participate in the conversation about their money no matter what the destination (hedonistic or altruistic).



News of the new campaign via initial digital marketing and WOM among category insiders netted a whopping 300% increase in website visits in the first 2-months. Additionally, we achieved a 45.7% higher click-through rate than the national average and achieved a 51.1% drop in bounce rate for the site.