Client focus:  B2C
Client relationship: Project
Client budget: <$350k

Project elements:
• research
• strategy
• identity refresh
• campaign dev
• website dev

The ask

Our assignment: Define and articulate a truly unique value for the brand, driving demand and loyalty among the most transient professional community on the planet – temp workers.



We had to show candidates and hiring businesses alike that when you’re in the right job, every day at work feels as exciting as the first day. And that through ultra-advanced A.I. technology, Spectraforce is uniquely positioned to make the perfect match. The new brand promise? To deliver a little thing called “NewJobphoria.”



Internal adoption of NewJobphoria™ has taken off, with internal teams quickly becoming its most enthusiastic advocates. External campaign efforts are in development.


Are you ready to have
“The Talk”?

Before your picture graces the cover of every business magazine and you eat caviar for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we need to have “The Talk.” Because we can’t achieve success until we’ve talked about the problem. So tell us a little about yourself, and let’s get the ball rolling.