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Teaser Campaign | Illustration

M icroTransit innovator, TransLoc, is dedicated to helping municipalities successfully integrate microtransit solutions into their existing mass transit infrastructures. TransLoc’s MicroTransit Simulator leverages the big data provided by each municipality and uses predictive modeling to simulate rider demand and fleet operational needs – saving their clients from costly errors in experimentation and implementation. Their goal: To deliver the ultimate rider experience.
As a new technology, TransLoc partnered with wmHarper to create a compelling print campaign to help raise awareness and drive online traffic to learn more about the MicroTransit Simulator. TransLoc wanted to leverage the futuristic imagery used by 40’s and 50’s publications like Popular Mechanics and Amazing Stories to show how mictrotransit had been predicted in the past as a counterpoint to the real solutions of today. While personal hovercrafts and jetpacks are fun conceptually, TransLoc has a real solution for today’s real challenges.
Retro Imagery – Modern Technology
Custom Illustrator Mike Koelsch at SporkUnltd created the main graphics for the campaign including hovercraft, jetpack and helicopter which brought the campaign to life and created a rich story for the brand. Elements of the illustrations were used for print, website and in TransLoc’s digital campaign.



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