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wmHarper to Help EHOP Health Define and Articulate Unique Brand Positioning Through Strategy and Campaign Messaging

May 12, 2021 – Raleigh, NC: Today, wmHarper (WMH), a full-service strategic branding and marketing agency, announces it has been chosen for an all-encompassing brand project on behalf of EHOP Health, a company who partners with businesses to help improve employee health and cut employer healthcare costs. 

“Conveying our unique value in a clear, compelling way is critical to growing our business,” says Dr. William “BJ” Lawson, Co-Founder, EHOP Health. “As we continue to gain momentum, we need an agency partner who excels at building strong brands and resonating with our target audience. With wmHarper, we have an agency who has a track record of doing just that.” 

EHOP Health offers a proactive approach to healthcare that focuses on the causes of chronic, reversible conditions plaguing so many American adults. By helping employees make improvements to their lifestyles, EHOP Health fosters healthier workforces that aren’t as reliant on a symptom-oriented healthcare system. In turn, employers can significantly lower healthcare costs. 

“EHOP Health offers a unique, life-changing service that’s inherently loaded with creative possibility,” says Bill Harper, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, WMH. “The way they’re positioned to disrupt the industry is ripe for equally disruptive creative work that breaks through the noise and gets people to take notice.” 

wmHarper will immediately get started on a brand workshop to inform brand strategy and a subsequent multi-channel creative campaign.


WMH is a strategically led, creatively driven transformation agency. The agency focuses on helping brands transition from their awkward stage back to center stage—giving leadership teams the insights, strategy and fearless creative they need to realign their internal teams and business strategies, generate demand among their customers, and ultimately set them on a path to reaching their full potential. 


EHOP Health is a North Carolina-based company within the healthcare space who works with businesses to improve the health of employees and cut overhead healthcare costs. It’s their goal to help businesses create healthier workforces through a holistic, proactive approach. EHOP Health believes every individual should be empowered to feel his or her absolute best by learning to eat well, move well, and live well. 

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